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I am a Full Stack web developer, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Developer, Hybrid mobile app developer, and ERP consultant from Kerala, India. I specialize in ERP Projects also have a strong foundation in accounts. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, intuitive, and feasible solutions.   I have maintained, developed, and launched multiple projects from scratch, carrying the development of its’ back-end and front-end codebases.




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ERP Consultation

An ERP consultant is to help organizations move to ERP software and understand a client's business process to determine which type of system they need and what are improvements they need to implement. I specialize in Finance, Sales and Distribution, and Material Management.

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Progressive Web Application

A progressive web application (PWA) is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser, including both desktop and mobile devices.

Web Design & Development

Creates top-notch websites and web solutions using the latest cutting-edge technologies to make your business stay promising before the customer. Viewing a website on your smartphone or a laptop provides an optimal experience for the user across the board.


I am designing and developing superior, robust, and scalable eCommerce sites with OpenCart and WooCommerce platforms also do the payment gateway integration and provides hosting supports.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

In today’s technological era, mobile app development is no more an option but a must-have digital strategy for every business. For developing hybrid mobile apps, I use ionic and capacitor.


I am completed more projects but unfortunately can't show you most of them.

Offset Printing Press Process Management System

It is a process management system that uses to manage and track all work orders. This system provides multiple logins with user role management. Whenever a new work order came we create a new work order in the system, then the work is assigned to the designer for designing and proof clearing process. When the designer logins to the system, the designer only can see the works assigned to him. After completing the design and proofing works, the work order moves to the printing section. In the printing section, the printer gets all the details that need to print such as paper type, color, required qty, and all other required pieces of information for full-filling the job. Upon completing the printing job, the printer marks the job done along with the utilized paper details. Then the work moves to the post-printing section. When the post-print works are complete, It’s also marked. Upon completing all the above processes, the work order marks as ready for delivery. When the customer collects the works, we mark it as delivered in the system. After the work order delivery, the system adds the work details along with party name, mobile number, and amount to the receivables list. While receiving the payment, it is also marked as received in the receivables list while reducing the total receivable value. The system also provides Business intelligence options like paper advisor and paper purchase list

Accounts And Inventory Management System

This system is a cloud-based accounting platform for multiple companies for multiple financial years.
The system fulfills the following modules.


  • Vouchers (Receipt, Payment, Journal)
  • Statutory
  • Ledgers, Ledger groups
  • Reports (Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Single Ledger, Group Ledgers, Receivables, Payables, Sales Report, Purchase Report, Debit Note Reports, Credit Note Reports, Receipt Note Reports, Delivery Note Reports)
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Trading Account
  • Trial Balance


  • Inventory Item
  • Inventory Category
  • Inventory Groups
  • Multiple Warehouse(Godown) Handling
  • Multiple Inventory Unit Handling
  • Inventory In and Out Movements Handling
  • Inventory Reports ( Single Inventory, Group-wise Inventory Report, Category wise Report, Warehouse Inventory Report, Daily Inventory Movement Report, Weekly Inventory Movement Report, Monthly Inventory Movement Report, Custom Inventory Report, Current Inventory Report)


  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Receipt Note
  • Delivery Note

Blood Drops (Mobile App)

Blood Drops is a hybrid mobile app that helps people to find blood donors in a particular area. This app uses Facebook login and firebase authentication. In this mobile application, we can request blood.
Upon requesting blood, we also get GPS coordinates of the request. Cordova is used to collecting GPS coordinates.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

The human resource management system is essentially an attempt to computerize the various aspects of human resource management, such as Employee Details, Attendance Details, Payroll Information, Vacancy Handling, Recruitment Information, and Appraisal.

Receivables Management System

The Receivables Management System that uses for managing mobile prepaid and postpaid recharges. The client had multiple recharge points.
In this system, every customer has a predefined credit limit. Before performing the recharges, the executive will check for the outstanding.
If the balance is below the credit limit, the customer can do the recharge on credit. If the customer balance exceeds the credit limit, the customer cannot perform the mobile recharge on credit. The main advantage of using this system is that customers can recharge and pay toward any recharge points.


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Account Groups In SAP

An account group is segregating or grouping similar accounts into a single group. Each account...