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An account group is segregating or grouping similar accounts into a single group. Each account group in SAP is assigned to a chart of accounts, so you can only use the account group if the controlling areas use the same chart of accounts.

If we want to check current asset balances or prepare P&L accounts, Balance sheet; we need to verify each and every account and then you need to add and assign to their respective accounts. This process may take a lot of time. So to overcome this issue SAP has provided account groups.

In Real-time business scenario, we suggest 

  • All Liabilities accounts to start with 1 series. 
  • All Asset accounts to start with  2 series. 
  • All income accounts to start with 3 series. 
  • All Expenditure accounts to start with 4 series. 

Why we need to follow accounts within series – When the user posting to salaries account, which is an expenditure account. At the time of posting when he gives *4, only expenditure accounts appear in the list.

In this configuration, we are going to define the following account groups.

Chrt/Accts Acct Group Name From Acct To account 
RIL SCPL Share Capital 100000 100099 
RIL RSPL Reserves & Surplus 100100 100199 
RIL ACBL Accumulated Depreciation 100200 100299 
RIL SCLN Secured Loans 100300 100399 
RIL UNSL Unsecured Loans 100400 100499 
RIL CLPR Current Liabilities & Prov 100500 100599 
RIL FAST Fixed Assets 200000 200099 
RIL CAST Current Assets, Loans & Adv 200100 200199 
RIL SALE Sales 300000 300099 
RIL OTHR Other Income 300100 300199 
RIL INCR Increase / Decrease in Stock 300200 300299 
RIL RMCN Raw Material Consumption 400000 400099 
RIL PRSN Personnel Cost 400100 400199 
RIL MFRG Manufacturing cost 400200 400299 
RIL ADMN Administration cost 400300 400399 
RIL INTR Interest 400400 400499 
RIL DEPR Depreciation 400500 400599 

Path  SPRO –> Financial Accounting(New) –> General Ledger Accounting(New) -> Master Data —> G/L Accounts  —> Preparations —> Define Account Group. 
TC:- OBD4 

Click on New Entries
Click on Save or CTRL+S
Field Name Description 
Chrt/Accts Give the chart of accounts key for which you are creating account group in SAP. 
Acct Group We can use four-character length unique alphanumeric key. This is used  for identifying accounts groups 
Name Name of the account group
From Account Starting number of account group
To Account Ending number of account group

We can give different numbers of intervals for different groups; otherwise, we can give the same interval to all account groups. The system allows overlapping here. But the advice is to give a different interval to different groups.

Reason for selection of 6 digit coding 

If we planned to use 4 digit coding to the chart of accounts It is difficult to create new groups in the future. As we are assigning 100 accounts to each group. If any group is completed with 100 accounts it is difficult to create more groups if the accounts digit is 4.

If the account group is 10 digits. It is difficult to remember the account group hence we suggested/recommended to use 6 digits.

If we created account groups for liabilities up to 1599, we can’t create more than 4 another group

1999 – 1599 = 400 / 100 = 4 groups 

Suppose if we are using 6 digit number for the group, we can create

199999 – 100599 =99400 / 100 = 994 groups 

So we suggested going for 6 digit account groups  

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