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The tolerance groups can be defined as predefined limits in amounts or percentages by which receivables may be underpaid or overpaid. 

SAP has given Two types of Tolerance groups 

  1. General ledger account tolerance 
  2. Employee tolerance 

If the difference amount is within the tolerance group amount, the difference will be transferred to sundry balance written off the account and clear the item automatically.

If the tolerance is not explicitly assigned to a USER ID, the tolerance group defaults to the “group null” for the company code. It is therefore very important to have the null tolerance group as the most restrictive tolerance group in your system. If you want to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot make postings, do not create a null tolerance group. only users (USER ID) with a valid tolerance group assigned to them will be able to make postings. 

In SAP we need at least one tolerance group per company code, postings cannot be made in the system until a tolerance group is configured. 

We can also additionally differentiate these settings by company code. Since the same rules usually apply to a group of employees, enter the values for employee groups. We can then enter the values of limits and tolerances per employee group and company code.

We can also define tolerances without specifying a tolerance group. Leave the field group empty in this case. The stored tolerances are then valid for all employees who are not allocated to a group. There must be at least one entry for every company code. 

We can also specify tolerances for cleaning procedures depending on customers or vendors. The lower limits from the customer/vendor specifications and employee group are taken in each case during cleaning.

Tolerance groups are created basing on the authorizations vested with the employees in the organization. We can create as many as employee tolerance groups and assign them the tolerance limits. Accordingly, the system will not allow the user beyond their limits. It is exclusively for security and a sense of discipline while discharging the duties in the organization.

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